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Transformational Chairwork: Inner Conflict, Loss and Relationships with Dr Scott Kellogg
5 June 2020, Royal National Hotel, London WC1 0DG
£120.00 plus VAT (£135.00 plus VAT after 5 May 2020)

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We are delighted to provide this one day workshop. Dr Scott Kellogg will demonstrate the use of Transformational Chairwork to address the common clinical issues of:


(1) Resolving Inner Conflicts;

(2) Healing from Loss and Grief; and

(3) Coping with Difficult Relationships.


Chair work is used in many therapeutic approaches including Compassion Focused Therapy and Schema Focused work. Using clinical storytelling, role-plays, and live demonstrations, participants will learn how to use this technique, which draws on the clinical wisdom and practices of a wide range of Gestalt and integrative psychotherapists. Delegates will be introduced to Chair dialogue structures and the core deepening techniques – essential components of successful Chairwork therapy. Patients’ resistance to participating in experiential work will be addressed and strategies to overcome this will be provided. 


Previous delegates gave 92% satisfaction rating and said: 'Excellent balance of content, rationale and practice', 'Far exceeded my expectations', 'Inspiring and enriching day'


This workshop can be attended as a stand alone day or in addition to the day on Transformational Chairwork: Emotions, trauma and the inner critic held on 6th June 2020 in the same venue.


This workshop is suitable for all health professionals including clinical and counselling psychologists, doctors, nurses, counsellors, socialworkers, general and mental health nurses, CBT practitioners, coaches, and people working in mental health settings.

Venue: Royal National Hotel, London WC1H 0DG



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