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Top Tips on Overcoming Procrastinationi nteractive webinar with Professor Windy Dryden
27 September 2021 5-6.30pm Join live on the day and/or watch the recording at any time for 30 days
£30.00 plus VAT (£30.00 plus VAT after )

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Live Interactive Webinar

Do your clients delay and put off what they need to do? Maybe sometimes you do this too. Procrastination is a really common problem but help is at hand!

This live interactive webinar offers participants a framework to understand procrastination and describes how to help people who struggle with it. It will provide practical tips to overcome procrastination based on a psychological understanding of, and approach to, the problem.

A real-life demonstration of how to help someone with procrastination will be done with a webinar volunteer.


Professor Windy Dryden is author of ‘Overcoming Procrastination,’ 2nd edition (Sheldon Press,2022). He is internationally acclaimed for his work and undertakes live demonstrations of therapy and coaching all over the world

Feedback from London in May 2018: 

Excellent content amazingly presented, Very helpful and stimulating. Windy is an excellent communicator, Fabulous! This workshop will improve my practice, Helpful, insightful & thought provoking, Excellent – I feel more confident in my practice as a result of this workshop, The demonstrations were really helpful and brilliant, Windy was very engaging and entertaining, Inspiring, informative and made immediate impact, Challenging & refreshing, Excellent. Windy is an engaging speaker. A pleasure to listen to & very informative. 

This live interactive webinar is suitable for health professionals including clinical and counseling psychologists, doctors, counsellors, social workers, mental health nurses as well as those working inthird sector, educational and coaching settings. It will be of interest to practitioners of CBT and other approaches. It will contribute 1.5 hours of Continuous Professional Development (CPD)


Join live on the day and/or watch the recording at any time for 30 days



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