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SOLD OUT Singing Bowl (mindfulness bell)
£30.00 (£36 including post and packing - and VAT)

Click on the PDF for more details

The perfect accessory for your Mindfulness practice (see the picture in the pdf to the right).

These singing bowls are hand beaten in Nepal and have an excellent and complex tone. They come complete with a carved wooden stick and a hand made cushion.  Each one is unique.

Striking the bowl with the stick will produce a bell type ring.  Moving the stick slowly around the outside the bowl will produce the 'singing' sound.

The bowls are approximately 10 cm in diameter and 5 cm in height - size varies slightly as these bowls are hand-made.

The picture in the pdf shows the singing bowl with stick and cushion.  Price includes first class postage in the UK.

For postage outside the UK please email for details.



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