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Forgiveness: A Gift we Give Ourselves Presented by Robin Shohet
09 November2024, 9.30am - 4.30pm Webinar Join live on the day and/or watch the recording until 15 December 2024
£120.00 plus VAT

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Live Interactive Webinar

He who plots revenge should dig two graves. Chinese proverb
Many of our clients struggle to forgive. Many of us struggle to forgive too. Forgiveness is not easy. There appear many objections to it, like believing that the other will be getting away with what they did if we forgive them. It is hard to untangle ourselves from what has happened and the person who hurt us. Some part of us wants justice. But if we look closely, we see that if we do not forgive, we are actually hurting ourselves. Once we realise this, we stop bothering about the other person, and begin to work towards our own freedom. We cannot do it prematurely (e.g., by thinking we ‘should’ forgive). But when the time is right, we might see the potential gift in what has happened. We stop living in the past, and free ourselves to move on.

In this webinar Robin Shohet will introduce some exercises to help release from the past. We will look at forgiveness from the perspective that we all carry guilt around, and what the other has done is not the issue. Ultimately it is all about self-forgiveness. In forgiving the other, we are  forgiving a part of ourselves, as we are all interconnected. Whether for yourself, your clients or both, this is an important webinar to attend. 

Robin Shohet has organised two international conferences on forgiveness. He brings the concept of forgiveness to his work as a supervisor, therapist and trainer. He is internationally famous as a presenter and author of several books including co-author of  'Supervision in the Helping Professions' (1st Edition).

Previous attendees at Robin's webinars have said: Very thought provoking.  Fantastic day, thank you so much Robin. Brilliant. Experiential aspects of teaching were really helpful and engaging. A wonderful day. So much more than I expected – excellent! Heaps of personal learning and insights to benefit me and my clients.

This workshop is suitable for all health professionals including clinical and counselling psychologists, doctors, counsellors, social workers, general and mental health nurses as well as those working in third sector, educational and coaching settings.

Join live on the day plus you will have access to the full recording and materials/resources until 15th December. This gives you the flexibility to join for all or part of the day or to watch the recording whenever fits with your commitments.

It will contribute 6 hours of Continuous Professional Development (CPD)



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